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loft house - gonubie, east london

Alteration + Addition + Refurbishment

A residential addition for a young family on a relatively small erf, the existing footprint remains as is, with an additonal storey being added to accommodate new bedrooms and a pyjama lounge upstairs.  The ground floor planning has been transformed for socialising.


The new building responds strongly to the exposure of the house to its close neighbours on three sides and to the raised street on the north west. The house is kept as low as possible, including minimising the height of the roof.  The existing house's NNE orientation is maximised, including the use of clerestorey glazing which floods the internal spaces with light, while still providing privacy from the street.  Privacy is also achieved on the higher level with the planted feature roof, the balconies with pergolas and the solid balustrades. 


In order to make the house feel spacious and bigger than it is, the main entertainment areas have been interconnected and relate to the north garden, to the back garden and to the double volume which contains the feature staircase. 


The Clients are concrete contractors and will use the construction of their home to showcase their skill.  This is a compact, but very efficient home with many opportunities for enjoying the great East London climate.



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