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hotel wako kungo - wako kungo, angola

New hotel.


lisa durell ARCHITECT with Rick Brown

for Rick Brown + Associates

sketch design, 2015.


The sketch design proposal has set out to magnify the beauty of the site, located within a nature reserve.  The landscape contains magnificent bolders and a pristine fountain which springs from the large rock on the hilltop.  The fountain water is guided through the hotel site to water permaculture gardens, for bathing, for drinking and ultimately to the spa for rejuvenation.


The hotel layout encourages ceremony and the sacred use of the site and nature.  The primal elements of water, fire, air and earth have been expored to dramatise the guests' personal experience (private external bathing in fountain water, fire pit for cooking, outside "lounging" spaces, gardens for food growing etc).  The architecture is minimalist, beautifully crafted and playful in order to create the space for a calm nature experience.  The architecture touches the site very lightly.


It is envisaged that local building traditions and materials would be used in a special way.  This would increase local skills thereby assisting the people to be involved in rebuilding the country after its devastating civil war.





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