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house open view - gonubie, east london

Alteration + Addition + Refurbishment


A large, existing Spanish style house on a magnificent and expansive property stretching down to the Gonubie river, this house was built with limited access to the spectacular view from the public areas of the house.  In addition, the many roofs, level changes and lack of exterior covered space make the house confusing, unattractive and limiting to the occupants' lifestyle.


Besides opening up the house to the view, the new planning set up an ordering and organising system onto the existing footprint.  Very little new accommodation was required.


Green, vertically planted walls which mimic the green banks of the Gonubie river in the view opposite, were introduced at all the major level changes so as to order, soften and dramatise the beauty of the site.  Large overhangs and pergola areas were proposed to cool the north west exposed external areas.


The under-utilised, retained area at the back of the house was transformed into a cool zone with vertical planting and pergola overhead.  This also transformed the interior spaces which now open backwards onto this "new oasis".


The stairs from one level to another have been organised into a direct circulation spine for ease of movement through the house.  It is envisaged that the original roof tiles would be reused in a contempoary way.



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